Messehotel Waldhorn

Rates per person per night.

(Breakfast is not included, the price of our rich breakfast buffet is 7.00€/person/day)

Categorie A
38 - 46 Euro
26 - 28 Euro
per Person
24 Euro
per Person

Categorie B
56 Euro
34.50 Euro
per Person
27 Euro
per Person

Categorie C
66 Euro
35.50 Euro
per Person
38 Euro
per Person
on demand

Longtime apart.
on demand

Mo - Tue 6.30 to 22.00
Saturdays 7.00 to 22.00
Sundays and on Holidays 8.00 to 22.00

Room reservation.

You can also make your room reservation online.
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Postal code / Town
Length of stay

Number of single rooms Number of double rooms Number of rooms with 3 beds
Categorie A Categorie A Categorie A
Categorie B Categorie B Categorie B
Categorie C Categorie C

Number of family rooms
Categorie C

Double bed
Queen-size bed
Separate beds


Prices differences are based on the location and size of the room.
All rooms have shower/WC.
We recommend taking out travel insurance to cover cancellation fees.
Our policy in the event of non-appearance or cancellation at short notice resulting in the rooms remaining vacant is based on the German Civil Code.