Messehotel Waldhorn

Information provided in accordance with German Telemedia Act (TMG):

Hotel Waldhorn
Epplestraße 41-43
70597 Stuttgart

Phone: (07 11) 76 49 17
Fax: (07 11) 76 57 02 3


Managing director:
Julia Kussmaul-Stanco

Domicile of the company: Stuttgart

District Court:
Amtsgericht Stuttgart
Hauffstraße 5
70190 Stuttgart

Sales tax ID number:
DE 269641782

Regulatory authority:
The regulatory authority as defined in Article 5 Paragraph 1 Number 3 of the TMG for the hotel's catering facilities is the Stuttgart Public Order Office.


Information regarding the collection, processing and use of your data (Data protection declaration)

We take pains to ensure that the data which we obtain from you when you visit our website is handled with due care and that we provide you with full details regarding the collection, storage and handling of such data.
We adhere strictly to the requirements stipulated in the relevant data protection regulations with regard to the handling of your data:

1. Collection, processing and use of personal data

Personal data is information relating to your identity, including your name, address, e- mail address and further personal information you give us during your visit to our website.

No personal data will be collected, processed and/or used if you visit our website without using an e-mail or a contact form, or without making a reservation.

Only if you contact us via e-mail or a contact form, or make a reservation with us, will you communicate your personal details to us. Should you communicate with us using one of the aforementioned methods and transmit personal data to us in doing so, we give you our assurance that we adhere in full to the data protection regulations.

Below are some examples in which you are requested to give us your personal details. We also point out how we use and process this data:

2. Collection, processing and use of usage data

Usage data is the data transmitted by your browser when visiting our website without your active involvement (e.g. filling in a form).

When you visit a website, the following data is automatically saved by the relevant web server:

The IP address of your computer,
The request of your browser (URL and file name),
The website from which you reach us (referrer),
The date and time of your visit
If you have found us via a search engine - the search terms you used to reach our website
We store this data to identify any wilful interference with, or abuse of, our website and to help evaluate the quality of our website. We generate no person-related usage profiles from this data. In the event of wilful interference or abuse we can send this data (especially the IP address of the computer concerned) to the relevant prosecuting authorities.

The usage data is not exploited in any other way, nor is it forwarded to any third parties.

3. Forwarding of your data

We will not pass any of the data we collect during your visit to our website to third parties unless you have given us your express consent or unless we are obliged to submit this data e.g. as the result of a court order or an official order arising from a wilful attempt to sabotage our website.

4. Changes to your data

We endeavour to save the personal data you give us in its correct form. Should the data you transmit to us change, you can send details of the change to the following e- mail address:

5. No liability for partner websites

Our website features various links to the websites of partners, directories etc. The operators of these websites generally have their own data protection declarations. We assume no liability for the data protection declarations of these partners.

6. Data security

We make use of organisational and technical means to protect the data we receive from you to the best of our knowledge and belief. We cannot, however, accept any responsibility or liability for third parties which obtain unauthorised access to your data (e.g. by hacking).

7. Information

Further information regarding data protection on our website can be obtained by contacting

8. Changes to data protection declaration

We reserve the right to alter this data protection declaration at any time in line with the relevant data protection regulations. The version of the data protection declaration valid at the time of visiting our website always applies when using our website.

If you send us personal details, we will inform you of the changed conditions by appropriate means (e.g. e-mail) within four weeks of their coming into force. Your acceptance of the altered data protection declaration shall be assumed unless you advise us to the contrary within four weeks of receiving the notification.

Last updated on: 22/10/2010.